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    (German Book)

    Die goldene Magie der Mondin – Wie du mit ihrer Kraft all deine Ziele erreichst von Lori Haberkorn

    Loris beloved magical first book is ready to be birthed into the Universe in order to serve you best on your very own journey of making your dreams come true!

    This feministic golden Moon Manifestation Book is created to give you all of the wisdom of living & manifesting with the natural Cycle of the Moon, our planet of the female nature, our soul, emotions & our deepest heart desires. Her phases, ritual magic, the everyday Moon AND SO MUCH MORE!

    Not to mention that we of course also dive deep into the power of our subconscious mind, the basics of Astrology and the big magic of Law of Attraction, as I really want you to open up for all the opportunities of the Universe!