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Necklace Antique LAKSHMI Coin

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Lakshmi is revered in Hinduism as the goddess of prosperity, beauty and generosity.

Her energy is within each of us.

Connect with her by recognizing your worth and your right to be loved and to succeed.

The reverse of the coin features the "Sri Yantra." Yantras are sacred geometric figures in Hinduism.

"Shri" is also Sanskrit and can have various meanings such as luck, beauty, etc.-

but in this case refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

This replica of an ancient coin from India is made of 925 silver and is made in Sylvie Eders manufactory under the highest ethical standards.

925 silver

length of the chain 45 cm

diameter of the coin 25 mm


925 silver 

length of the chain 45 cm 

diameter of the coin 25 mm


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