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Alpaca hair teddy bear by Michele & Hoven.

This is guaranteed to be the softest teddy you have ever cuddled with.

Each of our pieces is made by hand with a lot of care and love by Peruvian experts, who have inherited the thousand-year-old tradition and learned how to apply these knowledges to our designs.

From the beginning, Michele & Hoven concentrated on a premium market;

For customers who are looking for more, customers who appreciate sustainability and timeless fashion and accessories.

It was made by hand from 100% alpaca hair under the best ethical and environmental standards.

Or an extremely special and unique but sustainable present.

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Size: about 11,12inch long and 7inch wide (30cm x 18cm)

Material: Alpaca Hair

Bow: 100% Baumwolle

Michele & Hoven Beliefs:

We are Sustainable

Being sustainable means assuming that the natural environment is not a limitless supply of resources, and that it is necessary to protect it and use it rationally; it means promoting social development among communities and cultures to attain satisfactory levels of quality of life without damaging natural environments.

This is why environmental, social and economic sustainability are closely linked and many of the challenge faced such as climate change and limited supplies of water may be overcome only from a global perspective and the promotion of sustainable development.

We are aware of the responsibility that means to be a sustainable brand that’s why:

We only produce what we sell.

Our styles are timeless, that means to buy less and use durable styles that you can wear over and over again.

Hand knitted and manual machine processes used in our collections minimizes waste.

Alpacas save energy, the alpaca fiber has low grease content which helps reduce the amount of water used to wash the yarn.

Promote natural and sustainable dyeing methods in our Eco collection, it is 100% baby alpaca, hand spinning and hand knitted dyed with plants and minerals. It is our purest and most sustainable collection!

Our knitting team (most of them woman), learn to weave in our small workshops and continue their work in their homes with their families.

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