Copper Products

These special copper products are from the amazing company Forrest & Love, bringing Indian Ayurveda products to us. Copper has a lot of benefits for you body and health. Find out more...

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    Made of 99.7% pure high-grade copper

    Keeps the surface germfree, acts anti-bacterial

    Sustainable, biodegradable, environment friendly

    Handcrafted by artisans in India

    Sticks on any even phone cover surface

    No recharge or replacement required, Durability of a lifetime

    Our phone follows us everywhere – home, workplace, outdoors and often even to the washroom. Cellphones are probably one of the most germ-infested things we touch daily; on an average one touches the phone over 2500 times a day!

    Copper Patch, with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and self-sterilizing properties, kills germs and bacteria on the go, keeping the phone surface germ-free! No recharging, no replacement and a durability of a lifetime!