Welcome to my shop!

My name is Imke and november Boutique is my online concept store.

Based in Berlin, Germany.

Every product sold in this shop is selected with great love and care.

When it comes to my products, I believe in three things:

1. Sustainability

If it is not sustainable, I won’t sell it.

You will not find any plastic in my shop.

You will only find natural and biodegradable Materials are like: straw, copper, silver, gold cotton or lining.

2. Craftsmanship

Nothing stands the test of time like good old craftsmanship.

That is why you will find that the methods our baskets are woven or the bottles are hammered have not really changed for centuries.

3. Female run Business

I am my own and I am here to support other female run businesses.

That is why 90% of our partners are female run businesses, like Sylvie Eder Jewelry, Michele & Hoven, Fiber & Heart, Forrest & Love or Glückfactory

I do hope you will enjoy our selection.

Enjoy browsing and shopping.

Love from Berlin,



Every single piece in this shop is chosen and created with great care.

A lot of them being one of a kind.

Most being produced in really small numbers.

But certainly not a mass product. 

All of our Bags and Baskets are one of a kind.

You won’t find a second product like that any where else.


The bags are handmade and upcycled out of beautiful vintage fabrics.

The old cross stitched fabrics themselves are real pieces of art created by hand over a long period of time.

Materials are: cotton, lining or wool.

For the other products, most of them are handmade as well. The used materials are all natural. Copper, Metals, Gold, Silver, Stones and Crystals, Wool, Cotton, Wood, Straw Herbs. You will not find any plastic products in this shop.


Valuing the art of craftsmanship I am super proud to say that our products are handmade.

Knitted, knotted, woven, hammered, sewed, coated, created. 


We do not have seasons and seasonal collections in the traditional way.

We do however have a constant change in our stock. Going with the flow not the calendar.