november Lingerie got a brand new makeover and returns as november Boutique.

Saying goodbye to the fast fashion industry and going back to the roots of true craftsmanship and creative values.

November Boutique is a high-end online concept store with carefully chosen products – just for you.

Created and curated by Imke Hille


The new designs are well thought through, every single piece is one of a kind, every piece is handmade by myself in my home studio in Berlin. 

By upcycling these old treasures and giving them a new life and purpose I believe I found a way of contributing to fashion in a good and sustainable way.

Buying at november Boutique you might not be paying the cheapest price but you sure get your moneys worth. Nowadays exclusiveness is a luxury.

The quality is better and as a customer you can be sure no piece is the same and no one else will ever have that exact same bag.

Every bag is one of a kind.


Keeping my eyes and ears open and talking to people, I suddenly found myself surrounded by so many likeminded friends and labels. 

Sharing the same beliefs and values.

Knowing that there is no other way than to change the way we consume by believing in sustainability and fair trade.

Wanting to share also their products and their message with the world, I decided to convert my brand into an online concept store offering

a platform for all these beautiful conscious labels and artists.

All the itms are a product of good old craftsmanship created over hours and even days.

I do purchase and sell them to a fair and reasonable price.

Please keep in mind that everything sure has its price and if you are buying it but not paying for it- who is?

I really hope you enjoy my new shop.

About November Boutique

Every single piece in this shop is chosen and created with great care.

A lot of them being one of a kind.

Most being produced in really small numbers.

But certainly not a mass product. 

All of our Bags and Baskets are one of a kind.

You won’t find a second product like that any where else.


The bags are handmade and upcycled out of beautiful vintage fabrics.

The old cross stitched fabrics themselves are real pieces of art created by hand over a long period of time.

Materials are: cotton, lining or wool.

For the other products, most of them are handmade as well. The used materials are all natural. Copper, Metals, Gold, Silver, Stones and Crystals, Wool, Cotton, Wood, Straw Herbs. You will not find any plastic products in this shop.


Valuing the art of craftsmanship I am super proud to say that our products are handmade.

Knitted, knotted, woven, hammered, sewed, coated, created. 


We do not have seasons and seasonal collections in the traditional way.

We do however have a constant change in our stock. Going with the flow not the calendar.