List of products by brand SYLVIE EDER

Ethically produced jewelry with spiritual meaning for bohemians and urban nomades.

"Spirituality paired with a lot of joie de vivre, powerful symbols from the yoga philosophy, ethno-chic, luxurious bohemian style for urban nomad women - that's what my collection stands for. For me, ethics and aesthetics are inextricably linked. For this reason, all silver parts are produced according to my designs in our factory in India under fair conditions and the malas and bracelets are knotted with a lot of love in our workshop in Munich. All parts are of course only made of high quality and sustainable materials such as 925 silver and real semi-precious stones. "

Sylvie Eder



    The harder the times, the fatter the chains.

    With this length you are very flexible, because you can hook the carabiner in different places.

    Add a touch of gangsta glamour to even the most simple and well-behaved look with these mega-cool link chains.

    925 silver gold plated / diameter single chain links 7,6 x 3,6 mm

    chain 925 silver gold plated

    Length 46cm

  • Logo-Necklace SYMBOL


    Sylvie Eder's beloved logo symbol necklace

    Statement Piece

    Finished in Sylvie Eder's workshop in Munich.

    925 silver gold plated 

    Length of the chain 50 cm  

    Logo pendant diameter 30 mm

  • Necklace Antique LAKSHMI...


    Lakshmi is revered in Hinduism as the goddess of prosperity, beauty and generosity.

    Her energy is within each of us.

    Connect with her by recognizing your worth and your right to be loved and to succeed.

    The reverse of the coin features the "Sri Yantra." Yantras are sacred geometric figures in Hinduism.

    "Shri" is also Sanskrit and can have various meanings such as luck, beauty, etc.-

    but in this case refers to the goddess Lakshmi.

    This replica of an ancient coin from India is made of 925 silver and is made in Sylvie Eders manufactory under the highest ethical standards.

    925 silver

    length of the chain 45 cm

    diameter of the coin 25 mm

  • Necklace Drop


    This beautiful delicate necklace with pendant in the shape of drops fits individually or in layering with any outfit.

    Agate is one of the most important protective stones.

    Especially white agate has a balancing and calming effect.

    Finished in Sylvie Eder's workshop in Munich.

    925 silver gold plated 

    Length of the chain 45 cm  

    Faceted agate drop diameter 9 mm

  • Necklace Halfmoon


    “Tell me the story about how the sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe.”

    The crescent moon has always been a fascinating mysterious symbol.

    The invisible part of the crescent reminds us of the hidden parts within us.

    It is either decreasing or increasing - but always changing.

    The necklace is made in Sylvie Eder's factory in India under the highest ethical standards.

    925 silver gold plated 

    length of the chain 50cm 

    length crescent 40 mm



    "Be so strong that you can allow yourself to be gentle"- this is the principle of the "Peaceful Warrior".

    The sword is the symbol of the Hindu goddess "Durga", the fighting mother who protects her children by all means. She encourages to find your own way out, to raise the sword yourself and fight against negative powers and forces.

    Chain 925 silver gold-plated

    length 90cm

  • Necklace Smoky Quartz


    Smoky quartz is a "healing stone" in the true sense of the word.

    It supports you in the "healing" of injuries inside and outside, relieves mental and physical pain.

    The necklace is made in Sylvie Eder's factory in India under the highest ethical standards.

    Length of the chain: 42 to 45 cm (adjustable)  

    length of the smoky quartz tip: 20mm



    Rock crystal is a "master healer" stone. It helps you connect with your higher consciousness and provides clarity. The meditation stone and companion on the spiritual path par excellence. You can also use the crystal tip as a pendulum. In this way you can visualize answers that you already have within you.